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Based on market requirement, we get rid of traditional model making method and has been investing with high precision and advanced model making machines & software, such as SLA, 3D Scanner, FreeForm, ThermoJet, FDM, Pro-E , Solidwork, Moldflow,PowerMill, CNC milling machines etc to design and develop "Turn Key" project.Application of highest accuracy, efficiency advanced machines and cooperating with powerful software, we can satisfy our customer requirement in shortest lead time.

Working Model Making

In order to provide an excellent service to our customers, we have introduced new technology for model making such as 3D Scanner (ATOS 2) and Rapid Prototyping System as Solid Object Ultra-Violet Laser Printer. 3D Scanner is an precision digitizing machine ,which supports ※STL§ engineering file format and it compatible with many types of CAD/CAM system.

For technical applications, 3D Scanner utilizes laser reflect measurement method to obtain the coordinate date from the product surface, then the data will be exported to the STL geometrical mold. With this information , the engineer can touch up the mold in computer and also generate the NC program in numerical machine control panel directly.Finally, the files and the NC program will be placed to prototyping machine for prototype making.

Regarding ※Solid Object Ultra-Violet§ Prototyping Laser Machine, it enables the realization of the dream of designers involved in product development:
rapid production of prototype molds finished to high degree of precision from very early in the design stage. Top

3-D Tooling Design

We have been using some most popular and powerful 3-D design software, such as Pro-Engineer, Unigraphics and SoildWorks in our Engineering Department over 6 years, above software not only are helpful in the design process, but also in production process Top

Computer Simulation

Unitec uses ※Pro-Engineer§ vivid function to simulate the parts assembly and mechanism. In fact, it is very useful to assist our tooling engineer due to all screw bosses and plastic joint assembly can be simulated into the computer first.If there are any problems, our engineers can change the product design in the computer directly before making the Work-like and Look-like mold. So the material and manpower can be saved.

Additionally, Unitec has Mold flow Software to analysis the flowing direction of molten plastic and the heat distribution of plastic surface in computer.With the information provided from simulation, the engineers can modify the product design or related parameters such as position of gates, size of the runner and properties of plastic etc . hence,the quality of final plastic products can be optimized. Top

Advance CAM system

We adopt the Surfacer and Visicam surf 5 package software to work with the Renishaw-Cyclone Digitizer and 3D Scanner. These software and machine can help us to find out the data directly from the pattern surface. We also use "PowerMill" CAM system to generate the CNC program, thus the programming lead-time can be saved. Top


After the NC program has been generated, it will import into the computer-numerical controlled (CNC) machining center with precision milling, grinding and electro-discharge machining ( EDM ) for mold master and mold base marking.

Moreover, we purchased 4 Spindles CNC machines to accelerate the production process by working 4 pieces of insert materials in the same time, and also purchased the CNC Graphite Machining Center for higher precise (surface finishing up to 0.002mm accurately) dimensions products.

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