Teamwork Relationship

Our business not only deals with the local customers, but also for worldwide customers. Nowadays, Unitec puts many resources to international market because there would be higher potential for development. Actually many famous companies have been co-operating with us. In addition, we also highly treasure the partnership with our business partners (Customer and Manufacturing Vendors). We will communicate with our partners on all the manufacturing processes and project progresses for shorten the overall product development lead-time.


We meet our customer's requirement
Meet product description including the required function

Provide valuable comment or suggestion, testing and revision to get the best function
Meet safety
Consider molding fabrication situation (shorten product developing and tooling revision time)
Consider manufacturing situation, e.g. mass production or assembly process
All information are approved by customer before execution and processing.



We meet all vendor requirement
Several times of EP testing to make sure the parts can be easily manufactured and assembled.
Modify and simplify tooling for mass production
Service & Maintenance Service
Modify tooling according to vendor*s requirement before mold release

A support team is ready all the time to prevent mould breakdown.
Provide essential components for trouble shooting

Keep on schedule including mass ship meeting for further improvement.
We keep higher competitive in plastic industry.
QA & QC for safety and reliability test to ensure the better quality outcome.
Safety requirement and sculpt also will be changed due to Market , even in mould built stage. This cause big cost impact to us.
Whatever the market changing, we still provide a reasonable price with high quality tooling to our customer.