Gerenal information
  We use "PowerMill" CAM system to generate the CNC program, thus the programming lead-time can be saved. After the NC program has been generated, it will import into the computer-numerical controlled (CNC) machining center with precision milling, grinding and electro-discharge machining ( EDM ) for mold master and mold base marking. Moreover, we purchased graphite CNC machining center for higher precise dimensions products.
  The material will be purchased on time to meet the time schedule. We use advanced computer system to control the stock kept in safety level. All production materials must be inspected by our IQC before arriving our factory. This can prevent unsuitable materials being used in the production process.
Our engineers prepare detailed specifications for the moulds , based on the initial product designs provided by customers. Then, these designs will be refined through consultation with customers, after which their specifications are sent for computer-aided design and manufacturing. The use of advanced software enables the Group to manufacture complex and durable moulds to cater to the increasingly discerning consumer of today.