General information

Nowadays, Unitec gets rid of traditional (Look like and Work like) model making method and has been investing in high precision and advanced model making machines and software to design and develop "Turn Key". From product design to mould fabrication, we are successful to maintain higher progressive ability, and save up bulky of time upon new technical support.That means, starting from product design to mould release, we can able to save up 15% to 20% overall schedule and better production expenditure control.
Customers only provide us some preliminary information, such as the Photos, 2D drawing and product description etc, and then the model will be accomplished by three different sources accordingly.

Working Model Making

Look like or Working model can be divided by three different sources:


Receive Pro/E file (surface model)
Receive 2D Drawing or Control dimension
Receive Master or Clay model

Flow chart about Freeform